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Kimono culture for everyone!

At the New York Kimono Academy, we believe that the best way to keep the art of kimono dressing alive and vibrant for the next generation is making it accessible to people of all ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds. Our unique vision blends Kyoto tradition with New York street style to bring your kimono dreams to life.

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Autumn semester is starting September 16th 2024!

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Lean & Experience Japanese Kimono Culture


This course is for people who want to learn how to wear Kimono in authentic way by yourself. Also learn about the history of the garment and culture. 12 lessons total. (In person class)

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2024年9月16日スタート!(対面クラス) 着物基礎講座、カジュアル、フォーマル着物・帯マスタークラス. 着物を一人で着れるようになる、着物ライフを楽しみたい方、初めて着付けを学ぶ方にぴったりのコース。合計12レッスン。

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Master kimono dressing course (12 class)

Advance kimono dressing course (12 class) -Certificate of completion- This course is about perfecting your self-styling for any formal occasions and learning manners in kimono.

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Kimono dressing and Japanese etiquette bootcamp!

One day master class! (Mon - Sat) 10:00 ~ 15:00 ( 60 min Japanese lunch break) Intensive kimono dressing course + Japanese etiquette Lean to dress kimono by yourself beautifully !

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One day lesson (Online lesson's availalbe)

-1day Kimono lesson- This class is perfect for first time and advance kimono dresser. 60min/lesson (Includes rental kimono)

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Learning how to do Geisha make up in authentic way with the white paint.

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Kimono rental & sale

We sale antique Kimonos, obis and some accessories. Please book your appointment to visit for shopping. Masae can help you find a perfect kimono for your occasions.

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Kimono dressing & Hair up do & Make up

Kimono dressing and Hair up do service for any special event is available at Salon and traveling to your venue.

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Wedding service

All you need to get ready for your special day! (Hair cut, hair up do, make up and kimono dressing)

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Masae Satouchi is a multimedia artist and performer, specializing in Japanese dance and the art of kimono. Born in Shiga prefecture Japan and steeped in the Japanese arts from birth, she comes from a long line of samurai, Japanese dancers, and kimono sellers, holds a degree in traditional kimono dressing from Kyoto, and has trained with one of the highest ranking geisha in Japan.

Masae has refined her art over the last two decades, combining her formal training with a playful, colorful Japanese aesthetic and an edgy New York style.
She is the owner and head teacher of New York Kimono Academy, where she trains the next generation of kimono dressing professionals.

She is passionate about bringing Japanese culture and the art of kimono dressing to the world and will give a live demonstration of how to dress and wear kimono, perform Japanese dance, and give her unique perspective on the history and culture of traditional Japanese fashion and its relationship to the geisha of Japan.

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-Performance world wide-

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