Masae Satouchi is a multimedia artist and performer, specializing in Japanese dance and the art of kimono. Born in Shiga prefecture Japan and steeped in the Japanese arts from birth, she comes from a long line of samurai, Japanese dancers, and kimono sellers, holds a degree in traditional kimono dressing from Kyoto, and has trained with one of the highest ranking geisha in Japan.

Masae has refined her art over the last two decades, combining her formal training with a playful, colorful Japanese aesthetic and an edgy New York style.
She is the owner and head teacher of New York Kimono Academy, where she trains the next generation of kimono dressing professionals.

She is passionate about bringing Japanese culture and the art of kimono dressing to the world and will give a live demonstration of how to dress and wear kimono, perform Japanese dance, and give her unique perspective on the history and culture of traditional Japanese fashion and its relationship to the geisha of Japan.

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