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Date: 2023 September (Every Monday) Time: 10:00 pm ~ 12:00 pm Instructor: Masae Satouchi (Certified kimono dresser)

  • Date: 9/4/2023 11:50
  • Location New York Kimono Academy (Map)


Basic dressing program

Day 1: Yukata dressing and Obi tying
Day 2: Tying the Hoso Obi
Day 3: Undergarments and Accessories
Day 4: Casual kimono (Komon) dressing
Day 5: Komon dressing, and tying the Nagoya Obi (Otaiko)
Day 6: Tsumugi dressing, and tying the Nagoya Obi (Zentsu)
Day 7: Komon dressing, and tying the Nagoya Obi (Rokutsu)

Formal dressing
Day 8: Part 1: Tying the Niju-daiko
Day 9: Part 2: Tying the Niju-daiko
Day 10: Tying Tsunodashi using the Nagoya Obi
Day 11: Kitsuke according to age
Day 12: Total Kimono fashion based on the “BIDO” concept (hair, makeup, fashion and manners)

Single drop in $65/ class (2 hours)
Beginners Course $570 (12 classes/ 24 hours of training )
Including intuition fee and text book.

◆Membership fee $ 30 (Only first time for taking Yamano-style course)
Rental kimonos full sets for the basic course is available

◆A kimono dresser certificate of completion from Yamano kimono dressing school will be provided (Optional)

◆If you miss a class make up class is available. Follow up private class is available for $40 If it's necessary (Optional)

◆For a small class, available for reschedule a time and date of a class If It is in more than a week advance notice.

◆Rental kimono, obi and some accessories are available. (We have some rental kimonos for size XS, S, M)

Please book a free consultation for rental kimono before the class starts.

Contacting us

If you don't hear from us in three days, please email to us.