Master kimono dressing course (12 class)

This course required certified beginners kimono course. 

- Private & semi private class only -

Learning the basics about how to dress in formal kimono and learn different obi tying techniques.  You will receive an accreditation certificate of Advance kimono dresser from noble Japanese kimono & Beauty Yamano school at completion of this course.

New York Kimono Academy
In person or Online
In person only
10/3 2023 ~ 1/16 2024
No class 10/31, 11/21, 12/26, 1/2)
18:00 ~ 20:00
Class size
3 to 5

1 Modern dressing, and Stylish dressing kimono

2 Dressing Kimono and tying the Obi by yourself 

3 Summer kimono and Obi tying 

4 Obi tying for children

5 Obi tying for wearing Haori (Kimono jacket)

6 Formal kimono (Iromuji)and Obi tying

7 Formal kimono ( Homongi and Tsukesage)  and Obi tying 

8 Formal black kimono (Tomesode) and Obi tying

9 Celebration kimono (Chu furisode) and Obi tying

10 Obi tying using the golden point system

11 Review of dressing and obi tying

12 Total kimono fashion based on the "BIDO" concept (Hair, makeup, style, manner)

12 classes  $80/ month
Educational materials
Text book, Aiko-eri

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